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New single 'Rhodos' out May 24th 2022



Ultraflex quote: 

"'Rhodos' was written in deep pandemic, when we were desperately craving to party. Longing after people yelling in our ears, everyone bumping into each other, stepping on our toes and the sensation of cold beer flowing down our backs. Writing Rhodos immediately transported us to a hot and sticky beach, a place we loved and loathed equally."


Ultraflex on:



They seem to be so in-sync—both musically and aesthetically—it’s hard to imagine any other pair producing the music and videos that Ultraflex does. It’s a rare thing to find that kind of connection; we should all be so lucky.

–  Highclouds

They know they’re brimming with confidence and class, and they sashay through the trilling tones and bumping beats of “Baby” with supreme confidence – and we are powerless to resist.

–  Beats per minute


However, the official music video for ‘Relax’ is a little disturbing to the music. I’m not sure if the imagery shown is a foot fetish, 70s erotica or a homage to the popular ‘satisfying videos’ on YouTube. (...) If you can handle all of those things, then go ahead and check out the visual work. Maybe not at work, your colleagues may think you’re strange.

–  Electrozombies

Ultraflex's new single 'Rhodos' is an ode to Northern European tourists partying in the South of Europe (Mallorca, Ibiza, Rhodes). It honours pink beer bellies, Smirnoff Ice and the smell of aftersun, and is inspired by Ultraflex’s own experience of getting liquor poured straight into their mouths by flexing bartenders at a time in their lives when belly rings and miss sixty jeans were of the utmost importance.


The track will be accompanied by a jeggings and jewels filled music video filmed in Greece, directed by Sigurlaug Gisladottir. 



Ultraflex is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Farao (NO) and Special-K (IS). Debut album 'Visions of Ultraflex' was released in 2020 to critical and popular acclaim, winning both The Icelandic Music Awards 2021 for 'Best Electronic Album' and Kraumur Awards for 'Best Album', besides collecting nominations to additional international awards. Ultraflex places equal value on sounds, lyrics and visual representation - music videos or experimental films are made to every single song.

Ultraflex’s sound is inspired by the disco, italo and funk of the 80’s, blending it with new-age sensibilities, unexpected jazz chords and melodic twists. The result is a catchy, contemporary whirlwind of dance floor weirdness, nodding to their ancestors in the historical lineage of spectacular electronic music. The duo’s material is both kitsch and high concept – pushed through a contemporary pop culture filter Ultraflex creates their own brand new lotion carefully tailored to your needs


'Rhodos' is produced by Ultraflex

Released on Street Pulse Records May 24th 2022

For more information please contact Kari Jahnsen at

Booking agent: Felipe Mina Calvo at Valiant Artists:

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