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New self help single 'RELAX' out March 8th 2022

Watch music video:

Enjoy some uneasy relaxation to the first Ultraflex single since the release of their acclaimed debut album ‘Visions of Ultraflex’. Get your dose of “tingles” to ASMR inspired video, made in collaboration with nail-artist Lisa Mård, jewellery designer Margrét Unnur Guðmundsdóttir, MUA Jana Kalgajeva and cinematographer Ingrid Loftsgården.


Ultraflex quote: 

“Throw on a G-string and some high heels, find a bottle of body lotion and lather up whilst listening to the sound of bells, chimes, shimmery synths and authoritarian command/ creepy psychiatrist order to take it easy.”


'Relax' is produced by Ultraflex

Released on Street Pulse Records March 8th 2022

For more information please contact Kari Jahnsen at

Booking agent: Felipe Mina Calvo at Valiant

Digital distribution: Boris van der Hoff at Music Deli:

Ultraflex is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Farao (NO) and Special-K (IS)

Debut album 'Visions of Ultraflex' was released in 2020 to critical and popular acclaim, winning both The Icelandic Music Awards 2021 for 'Best Electronic Album' and Kraumur Awards for 'Best Album', besides collecting nominations to additional international awards

Ultraflex’s sound is inspired by the disco, italo and funk of the 80’s, blending it with new-age sensibilities, unexpected jazz chords and melodic twists. The result is a catchy, contemporary whirlwind of dance floor weirdness, nodding to their ancestors in the historical lineage of spectacular electronic music

The duo’s material is both kitsch and high concept – pushed through a contemporary pop culture filter Ultraflex creates their own brand new lotion carefully tailored to your needs

"The biggest and most welcome surprise we’ve encountered this year so far"

- Weirdo Music Forever

"A blast of extrovert pop that plays by its own rules"

- Clash Magazine

"Nordic superduo Ultraflex stretch their muscles with strutting disco"

- Line of Best Fit

"A passport to teleport the listener to dancefloors in hot climates"

- Loud & Quiet

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