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– Releases experimental short film Journey to the Center of the Search

Two women are on a mission – they are looking for a cheating spouse. With new technology and fine style they set out on this bold endeavour, but what they find on the way turns out to be much more meaningful. Rummaging through a sunny urban city, they look for the center of it all, the center of themselves, the center of existence. Are they undercover agents? Are they personal trainers? Or is it perhaps the beginning of a dangerous love triangle?


In 'Journey to the Center of the Search', Ultraflex leans further into the abstract realms of pop culture, enjoying the freedom to confuse yet convince their audience. Above all, they are as ever, enjoying themselves. 'Journey to the Center of the Search' was filmed by fellow Norwegian pop artist Okay Kaya, who previously directed their music videos 'Work Out Tonight' and 'Full of Lust'.


About the film Ultraflex says:
«'Journey to the Center of the Search' is all at once a children’s program, a crime show, and a soap opera. Because how can less be more? It’s impossible! More is more.

Listen to Ultraflex' debut album 'Visions of Ultraflex' HERE


Filmed and directed by Okay Kaya
Edited and arranged by Ultraflex
Music and sound design by Ultraflex
Saxophone by Tumi Árnason
Karantina (doll) by Constance Tenvik


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