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– Jae Tyler's new single Marijuana out October 26th 2023



Hyper-rock, cringe-core, frenetic




Kero Kero Bonito, Kirin J Callinan, Queen

Coming in hot at 4:20, Jae Tyler’s Marijuana is not a substance to be puffed on lightly.  This self proclaimed “Cowpoke of Cringe-core” Herds us through a pan-emotional pasture fraught with the daily rigours of a 9-5 “creative type”, and the struggles of addressing how recreational hard drug & alcohol use can become faulty coping mechanisms for the tender soul. Written not from the first person, nor from the third, but from a secret “fifth person” perspective, Jae’s character sidesteps the ñuroconvergent world and it’s harsh realities by giving musical shape and form to the anxieties experienced by a person repeatedly attempting, and BIG-TIME failing to enjoy getting greened up on some old Toby/Longbottom leaf hybrid. With lyrics like 


“Show me a world wherein I don’t confuse just getting a little “under-influenced” with alcohol and drug abuse. That’s why, man I wanna like Marijuana. Just a little 😔….”




“I hope the grass is greener on the other side. And by that I mean the afterlife must be high. And I’m just dying to find out which cloud takes me home.”


You get firsthand access into the confusedment of a person who feels the growing need to choose between sober productivity vis-à-vis attainment of life goals, and the only devices he knows for having any hint of a social life…his old pals, hard drugs & alcohol! Handcrafted to recreate the explosive synthesis of experience that life offers a person who can’t choose how they feel, and can’t say NO✋ Marijuana is a sensory hotbox to the unsuspecting listener! So pack down a nice phatass bowl of fresh cut flower power and (try to) enjoy Marijuana on all streaming platforms asap!  

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For more information please contact Kari Jahnsen



Jae Tyler’s quest for the minds and bodies of his devoted fans began not in Europe, but rather a lock-jawed little corner of the American frontier known as Topeka, Kansas. It is flung eastward from that congestive heartland across the Atlantic that Jae has splatted in the fabled metropolis of Athens, Greece where he can be found up-cycling his white trash genetics into a luxurious Euro trash aesthetic. Trashy to trachic, Jae weaves unique musical textiles out of a synthetic blend of mid-fi alt-party-pop and hyper-rock so plush that once you put it on you’ll never want to do the opposite. Jae’s first release via Street Pulse® was full-length albumzine Jae Tyler Digest in 2020. A reimagination of teeny bop magazine’s of the 80’s and 90’s by Portland based comedian, Logan Corcoran, Jae Tyler Digest brings the mega-hits like Exercise, Famous, and Speed straight to your eyes AND ears, not to mention enough bidet-side buffoonery to make each trip to the john more enjoyable than the last.



“[Jae Tyler] evokes the best bits of new wave, Japanese 80s and Prince, with that raw mid-fi aesthetic but still crisp. Plus this unfiltered rock element that I don't have references to describe, but make perfect sense together with the rest”

- The Gardennn

“[Jae] demonstrates an astonishing intellectual capacity to bend rules and splatter fuck with elegant Princely psychosis”

- Griffy J.


“[Jae’s] ability to arrange uncanny tapestries that undulate and hair-turn their earth shattering momentum on a dime is completely insane. The genre being built is pure unhinge. It is Nickelodeon sub-concsious, pushed through life’s toxic pipeline.”

- New Kid L.A.


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