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– Jae Tyler's new single Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah) out November 17th 2022

– Announces sophomore album Haunches To Heaven out February 3rd 2023

Jae Tyler’s ensuing single Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah) is a cautionary piece about the importance of avoiding direct sunlight, neatly packaged as a monolithically Hyper-Rock power anthem charged with enough YMO energy to make you FREAK at the knees! Borrowing influence directly from The Cars’ ‘Just What I Needed’, Jae Tyler is far from inspirationally challenged in this sonic romper room of doomsday scenarios. The masterfully made video, by Andrea Björk Andrésdóttir, features an entire news team replete with lead anchor, weatherman, field correspondent, sportscaster, and political pundit all played by Jae Tyler himselves WOW! *Shh, there’s even a cameo ;)*

JT quote:

“Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah) is basically a self-portrait of me alone at night, by my bed stand, with a half empty glass of water, asking myself, “how do we get out of this mess?!” and then being met with nought but silence within, falling asleep, waking up the next day, and then staying the heck out of direct sunlight, so as not to get wrinkles and melanoma.”


Jae Tyler

'Haunches To Heaven'

Release date: February 3rd 2023

Label: Street Pulse Records

Track list:

01. Give Me That (Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah)


03. Subliminal Self-Help

04. Reality Bong

05. Feeling (Dead)

06. Ambien® Lullabies

07. Ur a Nation!

08. Hole Being

09. Hevvy Sauces

10. Fantasy Whirled

Produced by Jeffrey Tyler Ludwick

Mixed by Ådne Meisfjord & Jeffrey Tyler Ludwick

Mastered by Jeffrey Tyler Ludwick

Artwork by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir

Haunches To Heaven is the sophomore release of mid-fi pop fantasist, Jae Tyler. A joyfully deranged arena, wherein lyrical notions of alter-ego death, debased joy, and The Lord of the Rings film trilogy mingle with mangled synths, gangrenous guitars, and a degree of dark matter energy hitherto undreamt of. Calling on alt-pop and rock influences spanning the 70’s to the 00’s ranging from Todd Rundgren, McRorie Tait and The Cars straight through to the late great Prince† (RIP), Tori Amos*, and Better Than Ezra*, Haunches To Heaven dishes a hyper-rock shock to your chakras sure to shake you from crown to pelvic floor (root chakra).

The album emerges strong out of the gate with the uptempo summer jam ‘Give Me That (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)’. This cautionary piece about the importance of avoiding direct sunlight and coming to terms with inevitable things is ushered out by the meditative 8-bit wave sound of the Casio SK-5® coming to ferry us off to the purgatorial playground of ‘DTH BCH’. It is here that our selves are lost wandering in the foreverness, pulled under by the cosmic eddy of thong donning spectres playing jazz pan-flutes and guitars, summoning us to the vast with words like, “Do you see that? That is an eternity. Nothing but nothing beach to b-b-beach. No need to work out, you won’t need any body. Not even sunscreen, or your bong. Maybe only your favourite thong for Death Beach!” 

With the shores of ‘DTH BCH’ growing fainter and fainter in the distance we find ourselves brought back to life, or at least the stoned cold truth of the ‘Reality Bong’. Taking huge rips of trauma, and getting totally baked on mental illness is the post-woke metaphor for being high on life in this psyche-delicate rock odyssey. Tracers of Cherry Garcia and Green Day* dart through your sonic periphery, whilst unforgettable lyrics like, “Then I hit the reality bong and realised everything’s as it appears to be. There’s nothing like a gravity bong to bring you down to earth. When you’re afraid your whole perception is wrong, just clear the reality bong” provide shamanistic assistance. 

On to where fantasy and dire reality hook up in a seedy trailer home of unnatural emotions in the white trash smash, ‘Hole Being’, an homage to growing up questionably in rural Kansas, and drawing musical inspiration from the Law & Order theme song.  

The album rounds out with the charmingly candid acoustical guitar ballad ‘Fantasy Whirled’. Inspired by his brief, yet intense love affair with Crash Test Dummies* and MTV Unplugged-Season 1, ‘Fantasy Whirled’ is a guided tour of a mind in need of rescue, replete with references to SSRI’s and Jae’s yearly binging of The Lord of the Rings Extended Edition. Voiced not as a cry for help, but a call to arms for the Aragorn within, lines like,”I got my Lord of the Rings®, volumes I through III, and take my Escitalopram™. Hoping one or the other might inspire me to get up and just give it the ol’ 1-2.”, assures us that Haunches To Heaven is a well rounded work worthy of placement upon the alt-pop alter, and is surely a divining rod for the future of hyper-rock to come. Jah bless. 


*90’s era

Jae Tyler 1.jpg


Jae Tyler’s quest for the minds and bodies of his devoted fans began not in Europe, but rather a lock-jawed little corner of the American frontier known as Topeka, Kansas. It is flung eastward from that congestive heartland across the Atlantic that Jae has splatted in the fabled metropolis of Athens, Greece where he can be found up-cycling his white trash genetics into a luxurious Euro trash aesthetic. Trashy to trachic, Jae weaves unique musical textiles out of a synthetic blend of mid-fi alt-party-pop and hyper-rock so plush that once you put it on you’ll never want to do the opposite. Jae’s first release via Street Pulse® was full-length albumzine Jae Tyler Digest in 2020. A reimagination of teeny bop magazine’s of the 80’s and 90’s by Portland based comedian, Logan Corcoran, Jae Tyler Digest brings the mega-hits like Exercise, Famous, and Speed straight to your eyes AND ears, not to mention enough bidet-side buffoonery to make each trip to the john more enjoyable than the last.



“[Jae Tyler] evokes the best bits of new wave, Japanese 80s and Prince, with that raw mid-fi aesthetic but still crisp. Plus this unfiltered rock element that I don't have references to describe, but make perfect sense together with the rest”

- The Gardennn

“[Jae] demonstrates an astonishing intellectual capacity to bend rules and splatter fuck with elegant Princely psychosis”

- Griffy J.


“[Jae’s] ability to arrange uncanny tapestries that undulate and hair-turn their earth shattering momentum on a dime is completely insane. The genre being built is pure unhinge. It is Nickelodeon sub-concsious, pushed through life’s toxic pipeline.”

- New Kid L.A.


For more information please contact Kari Jahnsen


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