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– Jae Tyler's new single DTH BCH out September 15th 2022

Jae Tyler’s premier single DTH BCH is a ‘Sign O’ the Times’ inspired joyride through what probably happens after we shed our mortal fabrics. This sonic swim meet surrounds the be-listened with thong donning spectres employing jazz pan flutes, ghoulish guitars, and lurid choreography to beckon you in to their purgatorial playground where the sun don’t shine. The music video, shot and directed by Sigurlaug Gísladóttir, finds Jae himself giving in to the call of the dark lord, tearing away his earthly pants to reveal a sinful surprise! 


JT quote:


“I was feeling extra inspired by Prince†(RIP) at the time, and was also feeling kinda sexy, so I decided to rewrite ‘The Ballad of Dorothy Parker’ in a manner that felt more “moi”. What resulted was rather the soundtrack to a sort of seance between myself and some body-positive, Catholic ghosts.”


For more information please contact Kari Jahnsen



Jae Tyler’s quest for the minds and bodies of his devoted fans began not in Europe, but rather a lock-jawed little corner of the American frontier known as Topeka, Kansas. It is flung eastward from that congestive heartland across the Atlantic that Jae has splatted in the fabled metropolis of Athens, Greece where he can be found up-cycling his white trash genetics into a luxurious Euro trash aesthetic. Trashy to trachic, Jae weaves unique musical textiles out of a synthetic blend of mid-fi alt-party-pop and hyper-rock so plush that once you put it on you’ll never want to do the opposite. Jae’s first release via Street Pulse® was full-length albumzine Jae Tyler Digest in 2020. A reimagination of teeny bop magazine’s of the 80’s and 90’s by Portland based comedian, Logan Corcoran, Jae Tyler Digest brings the mega-hits like Exercise, Famous, and Speed straight to your eyes AND ears, not to mention enough bidet-side buffoonery to make each trip to the john more enjoyable than the last.



“[Jae Tyler] evokes the best bits of new wave, Japanese 80s and Prince, with that raw mid-fi aesthetic but still crisp. Plus this unfiltered rock element that I don't have references to describe, but make perfect sense together with the rest”

- The Gardennn

“[Jae] demonstrates an astonishing intellectual capacity to bend rules and splatter fuck with elegant Princely psychosis”

- Griffy J.


“[Jae’s] ability to arrange uncanny tapestries that undulate and hair-turn their earth shattering momentum on a dime is completely insane. The genre being built is pure unhinge. It is Nickelodeon sub-concsious, pushed through life’s toxic pipeline.”

- New Kid L.A.


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