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New Single Magical Thinking by Farao Explores Grief and Healing through Delusion


Farao's new single Magical Thinking explores the magical and delusional aspects of grief. Heavily inspired by Joan Didion's book "Year of Magical Thinking," the song is a haunting ode to the grieving process, underlining that the delusions experienced during grief are a magical part of the experience.

Magical Thinking draws from the 90s R&B era, taking inspiration from artists such as Janet Jackson and Brandy, while also incorporating Bulgarian choir-style vocals.

The track is produced by Farao herself in collaboration with Ådne Meisfjord. It features Magnus Anderson from The Zenmenn on DX7, adding depth and richness to the already multi-layered track.


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'Magical Thinking'

Release date: October 7th 2023

Label: Street Pulse Records

Formats: Digital

Track list:

1. Magical Thinking   [03:37]

2. Endelig   [01:34]

Produced by Farao

Co-produced and mixed by Ådne Meisfjord

Mastered by Morgan Nicolaysen

Farao, the musical alias of Norwegian artist Kari Jahnsen, is a producer, DJ, and musician whose sound draws from a diverse range of influences including 90s R&B, sensual 80s disco, and contemplative spiritual jazz. However, what truly sets her apart is the organic quality that permeates her music, a unique characteristic that is entirely her own. Through her music, Farao deftly combines the organic and synthetic, creating a bridge that melds the two seamlessly and imbues modern synth-pop with a healthy, beating heart. 

Farao also makes up one half of the electronic duo Ultraflex.



They seem to be so in-sync—both musically and aesthetically—it’s hard to imagine any other pair producing the music and videos that Ultraflex does. It’s a rare thing to find that kind of connection; we should all be so lucky.

–  Highclouds

They know they’re brimming with confidence and class, and they sashay through the trilling tones and bumping beats of “Baby” with supreme confidence – and we are powerless to resist.

–  Beats per minute


However, the official music video for ‘Relax’ is a little disturbing to the music. I’m not sure if the imagery shown is a foot fetish, 70s erotica or a homage to the popular ‘satisfying videos’ on YouTube. (...) If you can handle all of those things, then go ahead and check out the visual work. Maybe not at work, your colleagues may think you’re strange.

–  Electrozombies


For more information please contact Farao

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